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As a professional drying machine manufacturer, Zhengzhou Taida can customize different drying systems to meet customers’ various demands. We developed out fifth generation drying system which is mainly designed for high moisture viscous materials. With very small area occupation, it can be used to dry materials with 95% moisture. 

Inlet size】: can easily dry materials with more than 70% moisture content

Output capacity】: 0.05-200t/h

Applicable materials】: this series of drying machine can be applied to deal with toxic sludge, heavy metal sludge and high-moisture materials. 

Material picture】:

热风搅拌式烘干机 热风搅拌式烘干机 热风搅拌式烘干机 热风搅拌烘干机


Product Introduction

Zhengzhou Taida new type air-swept dryer makes up the technical gap of drying mill equipment. This type of dryer can be used to dry materials with 95% moisture without relying any form of feeding condition. The air velocity and retention time in air swept dryer are flexible. In addition, this series of dryer can dry different forms of raw materials. With wide application, it can be used for both granular materials and powder materials. For different discharged temperature and size of raw material, the residual moisture of raw materials is not the same, from 1% to 10%.
Here are some typical raw materials which can be dealt with by air swept dryer.
Aluminum hydroxide, bentonite, bone meal, liquor, calcium carbonate, cellulose, ceramic fiber, grain, animal waste, fruit residue, animal protein, municipal waste, various sludge and etc.
Taida European style dryer is mainly used for drying wet materials in beneficiation, building materials, chemical industries. Besides hard materials like lump coke, this drying system can also be used for anti-pulverization materials, such as:
After drying, the sludge can be sent to boiler as fuels to provide various heat source for other equipment.
Dried sludge can also be used as gardening soil, farming soil, fertilizer foundation base, gardening soil, construction soil and cement plant soil, which can totally realize sludge harmless and recycling aim. This drying system cannot only make energy-saving and emission reduction come true, but also eliminate secondary pollution.

Product Superiority

1. This drying system can precisely adjust the retention time of raw materials. The adjusting range can be as accurate as second. According to properties of sludge in different industries, highest temperature and retention time can be guaranteed.
2. The whole drying system can be easily controlled. There are a wide range of fuels which can be applied for this drying system such as natural gas and oil. For the drying system, the combustion speed is controlled by temperature instrument of dryer’s discharging pipe.
3. The drying system adopts the most advanced drying technology in the world. Therefore, it holds good drying effect.
4. This drying system adopts Taida fifth generation drying technology which is ba
sed on years’ research. With much less area occupation and energy consumption, this drying system holds almost perfect drying performance.
5. Customers can choose corresponding auxiliary machines in the drying production line. We can match superior exhaust gas purification system according to customer’s demands. The whole system is controlled by automatic electric utilities which makes the drying production line characterized by high efficiency, intelligence, low energy consumption and less pollution. 

No.  Name Output capacity Power  Electricity Coal consumption Manpower Floor area
1 First generation rotary dryer  1t/h 37kw 25.9° 400-500kg 5 260㎡
2 Second generation sludge rotary dryer  1t/h 30kw 21° 300-400kg 4 230㎡
3 Third generation TDOSA European style dryer  1t/h 22kw 15.4° 200-350kg 4 180㎡
4 Fourth generation double-shaft hot air mixing dryer 1t/h 18.5kw 13° 200-300kg 3 140㎡
5 Fifth generation TDOSC air-swept rotary wing dryer 1t/h 15kw 11° 100-250kg 2 90㎡


Working Principle

Chemical Sludge Drying Machine


Technical Parameter

Item  Unit Model
   TDOSC-D1500   TDOSC-D2500    TDOSC-D3500      TDOSC-D5500 
Moisture evaporated and eliminated kgH20/hr 1500 2500 3500  5500
Maximum wet sludge feed volume kg/h  10000  15000  25000       40000 
Maximum moisture content of wet sludge  % 90 90 90 90
Output moisture  % 12-50 12-50 12-50 12-50
Installed power  Rotary shaft motor kw 22x2 22x2 30x2 45x2 
Scraper shaft motor kw 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Backmixing motor  kw 2.2 2.2  2.5  2.2 
Inlet hot air temperature  350-800 350-800 350-800 350-800
    Overal dimensions mm  4500x2100
    Equipment weight  kg 10500 12000 18000 2500.


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