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Shanxi Coal Slurry Drying

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:18h
  • Initial Moisture:35%-40%
  • Final Moisture:13%
  • Input Quantity:9t/h
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Customer Feedback

Our company mainly specializes in ore powder processing. In the mining process, there will be great amount of coal slurry and waste mud produced. After inquiring many enterprises, we find it is the best method to reutilize coal slurry after drying process. Having visited many factories and communicated with many technical engineers, we build firm trust on Taida new type double-shaft hot air rotary wing dryer. Different from conventional rotary dryer, Taida Group adopts special and unique hot air mixing drying mode which can realize good drying effect with low energy consumption. Our new type dryer can effectively solve customer’s money difficulties. 

Case Introduction

  This customer mainly specializes in ore production sales. In the ore production process, there will be a great deal of coal slurry. After preliminary communication, we get to know that their initial moisture is 35% to 40%. In order to achieve good recycling aim, we recommend customer to choose our WJG2500 model hot air rotary wing mixing dryer with an output capacity of 5 t/h. this drying system not only holds higher efficiency, but also covers less area, 85 square meters. The whole drying system presents energy recycling idea. After drying, the coal slurry can be used as useful fuel to provide heat for heat source device. This customer purchased this set of dryer in 2012. During initial operation process, Taida professional engineer went to the site for commissioning guidance. Up till now, the drying equipment is still in stable operation. Taida new dryer brings great economic profits for customer.
  Recently, with the expanding of production scale, this customer come to our factory for further investigation and hoped to purchase another coal slurry drying production line. Taida technical department keeps moving forward. We are good at learning from our previous failure and developing new drying technology. We are moving forward step by step steadily and insisting on continuous innovation. We will always pay back customers and society with new technology and efficient drying equipment. 

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