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Indonesia Ore Sludge Drying

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24h
  • Initial Moisture:50%-60%
  • Final Moisture:10%
  • Input Quantity:9-10t/h
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Customer Feedback

We come along for a very far place with great hope. We are eager to get reliable equipment for our project. Having searched many manufacturers in china, it is really difficult to find machine which can satisfy us. In the edge to abandon hope, we accidentally find Zhengzhou Taida Group, famous and professional manufacturer in central plains. Having been tired of common drying technology and witnessed western drying process, we are only attracted by drying technology of Zhengzhou Taida Group. Taida hot-air rotary wing dryer not only holds beautiful appearance, but also holds unique internal design. We are really impressed by Zhengzhou Taida’s well-regulated layout and tidy workshop. Zhengzhou Taida group can have good command of customer’s demands. In order to realize perfect drying effect, Zhengzhou Taida provides us tailor-made design. Zhengzhou Taida drying technology is worth our trust.

Case Introduction

As an international enterprise, Indonesia mining and iron ore steel company has established trade relationship with many foreign countries. There are many derivative products-ore sludge produced in steelmaking process. In order to effectively recycle ore sludge, customer wants to adopt drying process. The initial moisture of their ore sludge is 50% to 60%. They want to reduce the moisture to 10%. Owing to large amount of ore sludge produced every day, customer wants to choose a large model drying machine with an output quantity of 6 to 7 ton per hour. According to customer’s specific requests, we choose our WJG5500 model double-shaft hot air rotary wing mixing dryer for customer. After long distance delivery, all equipment arrived at Indonesia safe and sound. Zhengzhou Taida group dispatched professional engineer for installation and commissioning guidance. Language barrier cannot block mutual trust and successful cooperation. Zhengzhou Taida new type hot air rotary wing mixing dryer will definitely glow and bring great profits for customer. 

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