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According to statistics recorded in relevant document, there is then thousands of oil accumulated every year. At present, oil sludge has been listed in national hazardous waste directory. Therefore, no matter considering from environmental protection or energy recycle, we must take effective measures to do proper harmless disposal to oil sludge. Zhengzhou Taida professional oil sludge reutilization disposal equipment holds complete configuration, which can reach reutilization aim. 

Oil content:





Suitable to deal with oil sludge, oily wastes, oil emulsion, petroleum residue, drillings and other sediments from small-medium sized oil waste plants and storage tank. 

Product Introduction

      Oil sand sludge refers to the mixture of mud, sand and water that is produced in the oilfield production process, mainly from various stages of crude oil gathering and transportation, and contaminated by crude oil and other organic materials. Because the hydrocarbons contained in the oil sands are harmful to the environment, they are listed in the National Hazardous Waste List (HW08 project). Nowadays, a large amount of oil sand is produced in various oil fields in the country, and the discharge of oil sand has become an important factor that harms the local environmental quality. According to the State Council's Regulations on the Administration of Collection of Sewage Charges, a sewage charge of 1,000 yuan per ton of oil sand will be imposed. If it is not treated directly, it will inevitably bring a serious economic burden to the enterprise. Therefore, research seeks an efficient way. Dealing with oil sludge sand has become a top priority for oilfield development.

What is the substance of the oil sand sludge?

       Oil sand sludge is a complex brown-black viscous material consisting mainly of water, sediment and mineral oil. Water, oil and sediment exhibit a very stable suspended emulsified state. The water in the oil sand can be divided into four categories, namely: free water, floc water, capillary water, and particle water. The oil in the oil sand can be divided into oil slick, emulsified oil, dissolved oil and the like. Among them, emulsified oil accounts for a large proportion, which is the main reason for the high viscosity of oil sludge and difficult to dehydrate. The sludge particles and fine fine sand in the sludge sand are negatively charged, so that most of the particles in the sludge sand are mutually exclusive rather than attracted to each other, and it is difficult to form large particles to settle and remove. The oil sand has a low solid content, a high water content, and is in a state of suspension and dispersion, so that it is bulky.

Harm of oil sand sludge

is mainly divided into two aspects, environment and production. 

oil sand sludge disposal

Harm caused to environment 

The environmental hazard of oil sand sludge is mainly caused by the harmful organic components and heavy metal components contained in it. Hydrocarbons contained in oil sand sludge, especially some aromatic hydrocarbons that are more toxic to the ecological environment, can be volatilized into the atmosphere, causing air pollution. When the temperature is high, the oil sand sludge will release a special odor of hydrocarbons, which affects the working environment and affects human health. Traces of harmful heavy metals and certain organic matter in the sludge sands discharged or stacked on the ground can contaminate the soil and groundwater by seeping out the contained sewage or dripping into the soil and groundwater through rainwater. The oil and trace harmful heavy metals in the oil sand discharged from offshore oil fields can enter the ocean through various ways, increase marine pollution and eutrophication of water bodies, and endanger marine life.

Affect normal production process 
The presence of oily mud sand makes the content of suspended solids in the re-injection water seriously exceed the standard, which can block the formation, causing the water absorption capacity of the oil layer to be seriously reduced, and the water injection pressure is continuously increased. Large-grain sediment is deposited in sewage purification tanks, oil-water separation tanks, and sewage pools. Continuous deposition shortens the tank cycle and affects normal production.

Product Superiority

Comparisons between common oil sand sludge disposal methods



Applicable range



  1. 1

Simple method

used to deal with various oil sand sludge and oil sludge

easy to operate 

pollute environment, cannot recycle crude oil

  1. 2

Physical and chemical method

used to deal with oil sludge and oil sand sludge with 5% to 10% oil content

recycle crude oil, comprehensive utilization

need disposal device, add chemical agent, still with waste water and waste residue discharged, disposal cost is high. 

  1. 3

Biological method

used to deal with various oil sand sludge and oil sludge

energy saving, no need to add chemical agent. 

 long disposal period, cannot reycle crude oil. 

  1. 4

Incineration method

used to deal with oil sludge and oil sand sludge with less 5% to 10% oil content; toxic orgainic sludge

completely eliminate harmful organic matters. 

need incineration device, add combustible fuel, cannot recycle crude oil, unstable running performance. 

Advantages of Taida oil sand sludge disposal method: 

oil sludge disposal  oil sludge disposal


1. The use of coal-fired waste residue to produce building materials can save natural resources, save energy, save land, reduce the environmental hazards of waste and promote the development of new building materials.

2.The slag-concrete paving slab not only has the advantages and uses of ordinary concrete paving slabs, but also has light weight, small thermal conductivity and good long-term performance. Used for roadways, sidewalks, garden roads, squares, pavilions, antique roads, parking lots, lakes and greenery. In short, the whole process has realized a closed cycle, and at the same time as the harmless treatment of the oil sand, the purpose of turning harm into profit and turning waste into treasure is realized.

3 the whole set of equipment investment is small, the special equipment is small, and it is convenient for large-scale promotion and application.
Composition of Taida oil sand sludge disposal system

oil sand sludge disposal process

1. Raw material feeding system

2. Thermal pyrolysis system 

3. Exhaust gas purification system

4. Discharging system 

5. Power distribution and control system


Working Principle

      oil sand sludge disposal system

      Whole set system combines first pyrolysis and secondary high-temperature incineration method. Through buffer silo, oil sludge will be sent to WSC oil sludge pyrolysis device. Material will exchange heat with hot air in counter flow mode. Moisture and oil will be evaporated and enter secondary combustion room through pipeline. Dewatered and de-oil materials enter cooling screw conveyor and will be discharged out. Through co-function of temperature sensor and burner, secondary combustion room will provide high temperature environment. Harmful ingredients will be incinerated and consumed. Dust particles will be purified by cyclone. Tail gas after dust collecting will enter oil&water separator through condenser. Then, under function of ID fan, tail gas will be discharged into air. 


Technical Parameter

Model WSC-20 WSC-40 WSC-60 WSC-80
Capacity(kg/h) <2000 <2000 <3000 <4000
Diesel consumption (kg/h) <20 <20 <24-48 <20
Power(Kw) 12 12 18 25
Installation mode standard mode: fixed type,
can also provide trailer or skid mounted mode for option
Weight(t) 4.8 8.6 10.9 16.2


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