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Papermaking Sludge Drying

  Aimed at papermaking sludge, Zhengzhou Taida developed out a set of complete sludge drying system which learns from traditional drying technology. It can realize lower energy consumption and high output aim. This new sludge drying system bring great benefits to papermaking industries. 


Application range】:applied to various paper making factories; it is suitable for dealing with viscous and high-moisture materials. 

Applicable materials】:various sludge, papermaking sewage and papermaking slurry; 


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Product Introduction

Present development situation of papermaking sludge drying system
   Papermaking process consumes much resources and energy. During the process, a great deal pollutants is produced, which seriously affects environment. With the expanding of production scale, ecological problem and social problem gradually arise.
  Waste residue and sludge produced from papermaking process hold high moisture content, over 60%. They presents silt state. With complex ingredients, it is hard to deal with papermaking sludge. At present, many enterprises prefer to simply landfill and pile up. With the increase of governmental supervision, people gains more and more awareness of environmental protection. Enterprises become more and more responsibility to society and environment. Various circular exploration and application become more and more popular. In general, complete and mature solid wastes disposal chain hasn’t been formed. Utilization technologies for various wastes just start.
Taida energy-saving and efficient papermaking sludge drying solution
Has been specialized in sludge drying technology for many years, aimed at toxic and harmful sludge produced in industries, combined with real situations in different fields and summarizing up traditional disposal methods, Zhengzhou Taida group developed out a set of complete set of harmlessness and recycling system for toxic sludge.
Customers can:

1. Customers can choose flexible heat sources, such as coal, electricity, microwave, natural gas, LPG and diesel.
2. After drying, final products can be used as fuel for boiler. dried sludge can also be used to make bricks, landfill and compost to realize
3. Environmental friendly and energy-saving;

After drying process, what field can the dried sludge be applied to?

1. Papermaking residues and dehydrated sludge can be used as new type building materials. Customers can choose flue gas to dry wet sludge in order to build favorable condition for sludge mixing rate.
2. After drying, papermaking sludge can be used to make compost. Papermaking sludge is rich in natural organism and heavy metal.
3. Papermaking sludge can also be applied for incineration. After dehydration and drying, dried sludge can be sent to special boiler as fuels. 

Product Superiority

1. Taida drying system can choose flexible heat source devices;
2. With compact structure and less floor area; small heat conductivity; good heat efficiency, can reach to 80% to 90%. It is a kind energy-saving equipment.
3. With flexible equipment configuration; the production line can match drying, cooling, gas recycling, reacting and heating system in order to achieve perfect drying effect.
4. Hold great adaptability to raw materials; high operation flexibility; raw materials’ retention time can be adjusted;
5. With simple auxiliary equipment and less investment cost; low operation expense; it can makes use of exhaust gas to speed up drying efficiency.
6. Considering different qualities of sludge, dying system can be adjusted according to real situation.
7. High automatic level; operators can carry out real-time monitoring for production procaess. 


Technical Process

  Sludge is sent to dryer by feeder. With the rotation of cylinder, sludge will be lifted to center of cylinder. Then, material curtain will be formed. Hot air flow will pass through the material curtain, which will evaporate partial moisture.
  After being scattered down, sludge will move to mobile grate wing plate. Materials will mix with preheated grate wing plate which will transfer heat to materials. Partial moisture will be evaporated. Meanwhile, wing plate will lift materials and scatter repeatedly. Materials will exchange heat with hot air flow. There is one cleaning device set to clean materials which stick to lifting plates.
  When the cleaning device rotates through perpendicular line, it will work at the back of circular lifting plate and clean up materials sticking to outer shell. With continuous rotation of cylinder, sludge will be further dried.
  Meanwhile, cleaning device also has breaking function which will improve drying speed. final sludge will be loose materials to be discharged out. 




What do we do? 
Established in 1958, Taida group is formerly called Henan state-owned drying equipment factory. This company holds three subsidiary branches, Zhengzhou Taida Drying Equipment Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Taida mining and metallurgy equipment co., ltd and Henan Zhonglian Taida Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. At present, Taida Group holds a R&D center and a drying material pilot test base. Taida can carry out test for various before drying or after drying. Multiple test production lines in Taida pilot test base can meet commissioning requirements for various materials. Taida Group has developed a zhonglian machinery manufacture base, Zhengzhou Longding Industrial Park which can provide customers with complete sets of auxiliary equipment. We are very professional in manufacturing drying equipment. According to your real situation, we can provide you perfect drying solutions.
Why choose us? 
We are the most professional one. It will be your successful beginning to choose us as your reliable supplier. 



            No.                 Sludge  characteristics                  Solutions 
                1                 High moisture content TDOSC air swept drying system can dry moisture of high-moisture content and viscous materials to standard level.
                2                 Caking  TDOSC air swept rotary wing drying system integrates crushing and drying into a whole. 
                3                Poor fluidity, feeding jams  Patent technology; designed for high moisture and viscous materials. 
              4                Big viscosity, wall sticking and not easy to clean Patent technology; designed for high moisture and viscous materials. 
                5                 Materials are easy to lump; moisture hard to evaporate,  Patent technology; designed for high moisture and viscous materials. 
                6                 Give off odor With anti-explosion device and good seal structure; add one deordorization device for exhaust gas dust collecting system; 
                7                 With corrosive components                  A:In raw material system, materials will mix with neutral materials; 
B: TDOSC air swept rotary wing drying system are made of stainless steel design, if there is no special request from customers. 
                8                 Feed head easy to be burnt out Integrated drying body; durable stainless steel design. 
Revolutionary product, fifth generation drying technology for high moisture and viscous materials!!!


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