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Jiangsu Jiujiu Sludge Drying

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:20h
  • Initial Moisture:85%
  • Final Moisture:20%
  • Input Quantity:5t/h
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Customer Feedback

  Our company have specialized in fertilizer processing for many years. During the fertilizer production process, there are a great amount of sludge produced. Rotary dryer is a common drying machine which can been see everywhere in dryer market. Without mutual technology, rotary dryer cannot be used to deal with sludge. Until we see hot air rotary wing dryer of Zhengzhou Taida Group on website, we regained out faith for drying machine. We are really interested in the unique shape of Taida rotary wing dryer. The innovative structure and process really impressed us. Taida professional engineers explain us drying process in details. I have to say that Taida double shaft hot air mixing dryer not only holds novel design, but also holds first-class drying effect. After witnessing good drying effect of test line, we gained more trust to Taida dryer. Really expect stable running performance of Taida dryer. 

Case Introduction

  This customer’s raw materials are sludge coming from the production process of NPK fertilizer. After preliminary test, we get to know that the initial moisture of their sludge is 85%. Requested by customer, the final moisture should be reduce to about 20%. Our technical department visited customer’s work site many times. Finally, we customized WJG3500 model hot air rotary wing mixing dryer. The production line holds an output capacity of 3t/h. against strict environmental protection requests, we selected a set of clean and efficient natural gas as their heat source. After arrival at customer’s work site, our engineer went to the customer’s place for installation guidance at once. During the trial operation process, our after-sale department contacted with customer to check the equipment performance. Taida equipment gained great evaluation from customer. 

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