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Xi’an Biological Feed Drying

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24H
  • Initial Moisture:45%-55%
  • Final Moisture:10%
  • Input Quantity:2t/h
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Customer Feedback

Our company specializes in processing and producing of biological feed. Majority of drying machine are rotary type which are not suitable for dealing with maize pulp, bean dregs and brewer grains. After consulting with many domestic enterprises, we are attracted by Taida special European style dryer. After communicating with professional engineers in Taida, we are really impressed by Taida European style dryer. Different from traditional rotary dryer, Zhengzhou Taida adopts special air-swept drying technology which can achieve perfect drying effect. With high efficiency and less energy consumption, Zhengzhou Taida European style dryer can greatly save customer investment cost. 

Case Introduction

Xi’an biological feed factory specialized in feed manufacture for many years. Raw materials are bean dregs, brewer grain and maize pulp with moisture of 45% to 55%. Customer wants to reduce the moisture to 10%. Also, they want us to guarantee 2t/h output capacity. Owing to limited space, customer hopes us to provide a reasonable layout design. After many times visiting to the work site, Zhengzhou Taida technical department carries out strict measuring and mapping process. Finally, we design a reasonable and special European style drying equipment which applies biomass burner as heat source device. With guidance of Taida professional engineer, the drying production line put into stable running very fast. In order to maintain good drying effect, our engineer also gives customer some operation skills. In early commissioning period, our after-sale department contacted with customer many times for checking specific drying effect. 

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