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Hebei Biological Vinasse Drying

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24H
  • Initial Moisture:40%-55%
  • Final Moisture:8%
  • Input Quantity:0.7-1.5t/h
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Customer Feedback

Our company has specialized in feedstuff production for many years with bean dregs and vinasse. After consulting with many enterprises, drying process will be the best way to recycle brewer grain and bean dregs. In order to find a reliable factory, we visited many domestic drying enterprises. Taida group, as a famous drying machine manufacturer in China, attracted us deeply. Different traditional drying machine, Taida Group adopts unique European style dryer which can achieve perfect drying effect in a short time. Also, its energy saving feature greatly save customers much investment cost. 

Case Introduction

Customer raw materials are bean dregs and brewer grains coming from wastes from food industry. After preliminary, we got to know that the initial moisture you customer’s raw materials is about 55%. Against customer requirements, we should reduce the moisture to 8%. After investigating customer’s site carefully, we customized European style A model dryer for this customer with an output capacity of 1.5t/h. owing to strict environmental protection requirements at local, we match a set of natural gas combustion system as heat source. With careful and patient guidance of Taida professional engineer, customer has command of many operation skills. During preliminary running process, our after-sale department contacted with them to check the running effect. our equipment gained great compliments from Malaysia customer. 

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