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Dyeing Textile Sludge Drying

 Aimed at specialties of various dyeing textile sludge, Zhengzhou Taida developed a unique sludge drying system which is suitable for dyeing textile sludge. With good capacity to reduce the amount of sludge and hazardous substance of sludge, Zhengzhou Taida drying machine provides new ideal for textile plants to dyeing and textile sludge. 

Application range】:

            Taida sludge drying system can be applied to various dyeing industry, clothing, and home textile industries. It can also be applied to deal with high moisture and viscous materials. 

Applicable materials】:

                Suitable for various sludge, such as dyeing sludge, printing sludge and etc. it has been successfully applied to chemical industry, petrification, fuel and industrial sludge.


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Product Introduction

Present development situation of dyeing textile sludge drying system
Printing and dyeing sludge is the main source of industrial sewage. About 3 to 5 cubic meters waste water will be produced for processing 100-meter fabric. Dyeing sewage contains much water and high content organic substance. Dyeing sludge is characterized by deep color, high alkaline and water quality change. Also, there is toxic substance contained in dyeing sludge with poor biodegradable difference. In china, dyeing sludge disposal always combines with biological method. Here are some main chemical disposal methods, such as coagulation, oxidation and electrolytic method. No matter coagulation in chemical disposal method or aerobic biological treatment, there will be a great amount of sludge produced in disposal process. How to treat sludge and realize reduction and harmlessness aim have become an issue bothering whole industry. Sludge produced from dyeing sewage can be divided into two types, organic sludge and inorganic sludge. The main ingredients of organic sludge of biological method is organic matters. Typical sludge always contains much organic substance and easily goes bad. Main ingredients of inorganic sludge is inorganic matters, also called slime caused from materialized processing method such as coagulation sedimentation and air pollutants. It is not easy or inorganic matters to go bad. Compared with organic sludge, inorganic sludge holds large particle size, relative density and good stability. Inorganic matters are easy for precipitation, compaction, dehydration and poor liquidity. Inorganic sludge are not suitable to be transported by pipe. In addition, because there is paint, pulp and additives contained in dyeing sludge, heavy metals contained in paint hold serious poisonousness which will cause serious pollution to environment.
Taida efficient dyeing textile sludge drying solution
  Have been involving in sludge drying technology for many years, Zhengzhou Taida developed a set of complete dyeing sludge drying system based on sludge disposal situation. According to national environmental protection standard, Zhengzhou Taida puts forward a series of feasible sludge disposal measures in order to achieve recycling and harmless aim.
Taida dyeing textile sludge drying system design principle:
1. Taida Group strictly follows national stipulations on environmental protection rules and designs corresponding design index and technical parameter.
2. After fully understanding source, quality and performance of dyeing textile sludge, regarding sludge comprehensive utilization as aim, Zhengzhou Taida figures out a series of economic and reasonable technical proposals on the principles of reduction, reclamation and harmlessness.
3. Under energy-saving and circular economy guidance and the premise of safe and environmental friendly, Zhengzhou Taida can achieve comprehensive utilization of sludge. Taida will not sacrifice environment for recycling sludge.
4. We choose reliable, easy maintenance and energy-saving electromechanical equipment, Taida properly induces advanced, efficient and stable technical process and equipment. 

Product Superiority

1. Taida drying system consumes less energy. Owing to indirect heating mode, no heat is carried by air. There is one insulation layer set on outer wall of dryer in order to reduce thermal loss.
2. Taida drying system holds less cost. There is large heat transfer area in effective volume. Disposal period is also reduced. Compared with traditional equipment, Taida drying machine holds small size, which reduces construction area and space.
3. Taida drying machine can be used to dry wide range of materials. It can adopt different thermal medium. It can be used to dry materials which need to be treated by high temperature. There are some common medium, such hot oil, hot water, vapor and cold water. Taida drying machine can both work intermittently and continuously. It can be applied in many fields.
4. It causes less pollution. Without using air, there is less dust materials brought. There is less material solvent evaporated. For those materials which holds pollutants or needs to be recycled, we can adopt closed cycle for the drying system.
5. With low running cost: Taida drying system adopts low speed stirring and reasonable structure. Therefore, there is less abrasion and malfunction during running process.
6. Stable operation: owing to the compression of wedge blade and expansion mixing function, materials can fully contact with heat transfer area. The gradient in axial interval for temperature, moisture and mixture degree is not so big, which can guarantee the stable performance of drying system. 


Technical Process

  According to quality and features of sludge produced from dyeing textile industry, Taida sludge recycling system can realize resource utilization as much as possible. Taida drying system can also improve the value of sludge. There is a great deal of sludge produced from sewage disposal station. This kind of sludge holds high moisture and organic substances. based on these disposal difficulties of sludge, these design adopts double-shaft screw sludge dryer to achieve reduction, harmlessness and reclamation aim. 

textile sludge drying



What do we do? 
Established in 1958, Taida group is formerly called Henan state-owned drying equipment factory. This company holds three subsidiary branches, Zhengzhou Taida Drying Equipment Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Taida mining and metallurgy equipment co., ltd and Henan Zhonglian Taida Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. At present, Taida Group holds a R&D center and a drying material pilot test base. Taida can carry out test for various before drying or after drying. Multiple test production lines in Taida pilot test base can meet commissioning requirements for various materials. Taida Group has developed a zhonglian machinery manufacture base, Zhengzhou Longding Industrial Park which can provide customers with complete sets of auxiliary equipment. We are very professional in manufacturing drying equipment. According to your real situation, we can provide you perfect drying solutions.
Why choose us? 
We are the most professional one . it will be your successful beginning to choose us as your reliable supplier. 


            No.                 Sludge  characteristics                  Solutions 
                1                 High moisture content TDOSC air swept drying system can dry moisture of high-moisture content and viscous materials to standard level.
                2                 Caking  TDOSC air swept rotary wing drying system integrates crushing and drying into a whole. 
                3                Poor fluidity, feeding jams  Patent technology; designed for high moisture and viscous materials. 
              4                Big viscosity, wall sticking and not easy to clean Patent technology; designed for high moisture and viscous materials. 
                5                 Materials are easy to lump; moisture hard to evaporate,  Patent technology; designed for high moisture and viscous materials. 
                6                 Give off odor With anti-explosion device and good seal structure; add one deordorization device for exhaust gas dust collecting system; 
                7                 With corrosive components                  A:In raw material system, materials will mix with neutral materials; 
B: TDOSC air swept rotary wing drying system are made of stainless steel design, if there is no special request from customers. 
                8                 Feed head easy to be burnt out Integrated drying body; durable stainless steel design. 
Revolutionary product, fifth generation drying technology for high moisture and viscous materials!!!


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