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Inspect Changyuan Sludge Disposal Site

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:8H
  • Initial Moisture:80%
  • Final Moisture:10%
  • Input Quantity:20t/d
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  With strict implementation of environmental protection measurements, sewage municipal sludge plants are looking for better way to dispose sludge. Changyuan city is close to Zhengzhou. Changyuan city is also faced with sludge disposal problem. In order to reduce the elements contained in sludge and meet emission standard, they visited many places to find reliable sludge disposal manufacturers. Considering of manufacturing capacity, processing capacity, design capacity and after-sale service, they finally choose Zhengzhou Taida as their supplier. Combining energy situation, we designed a special set of MED rotary sludge dryer which mixes sludge and Cao to produce heat. With innovative idea, no need for special energy, which is especially suitable for places with less energy resources. At present, this set of MED rotary sludge drying system is working stably in Changyuan working site and eliminate great burden of Changyuan municipality.

Case Introduction

Zhengzhou Taida sludge drying equipment is widely applied at home and abroad. Taida sludge drying system enjoys great reputation among many foreign customers, such as Sri Lanka textile sludge dryer, Egypt manure dryer, Bahrain fabric sludge dryer and Qatar oil sludge dryer. Located near Pakistan area, although Bahrain holds limited area, there are many series of fabric plants. Through previous communication, process discuss and quotation negotiation, Taida deeply attracts customer’ attention by its mature process and considerate service. Compared with Changyuan sludge drying working site, Bahrain customer uses steam as heat source, which doesn’t affect customers’ convince of Taida sludge drying equipment

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