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 Taida Single-pass biomass dryer is characterized by wide application range, simple maintenance and large output capacity. It is not only suitable for loose wood shavings, wood chips, wood powder, sawdust, bamboo shavings, cracked wood blocks and other biomass materials. It can also be suitable for palm silk with much fiber, dewatered paper pulp and other clump and sheet materials. Owing to innovated rotary wing dispersing shaft, this single-pass series dryer can also be used to handle materials with certain viscosity, like fruit residue, cassava residue and organic fertilizer.   

【Input size】:  10-100mm

【Output capacity】:  0.5-100t/h

【Applicable materials】:

                       bean residues, bean pulp, fruit residues cassava residues, starch, fermented feedstuff, fertilizer and inorganic mineral substances.  

Product Introduction

      For biomass drying system, we have two types for customers' choice, single pass and multi-pass dryer. Single-pass biomass dryer series produced by Zhengzhou Taida Drying Equipment Co Ltd is composed of front and rear gland head, integrated rotary drum, rotary wing dispersing shaft and central lifting device. This kind of dryer is mainly suitable to deal with sawdust, wood blocks, fruit residues, vinasse/brewing wastes, palm silk and other biomass raw materials. A Present sold multi-pass biomass dryer is our third generation product featured by intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, we have set many customer sites and enjoyed good fame at home and abroad. We also obtain great achievements in foreign market expanding. Taida has produced famous brand influence and set many project among major five continents.

Features of steam tube bundle dryer: 

    • Specially designed for viscous materials

      Designed for viscous raw materials, can be used to deal with various raw materials; can effectively avoid wall sticking, cake forming and incomplete drying effect. 

    • Intelligent control 

      Automatic and intelligent control, steam and electricity consumption are 10-15% lower than common dryer.

    • Energy saving and efficient 

      Fast drying speed, uniform drying effect, energy conservation, easy to control, safe and pollution free.

    • Professional technology support 

      Equipped with thorough tail gas purification system, pollution free; adopt Taida special heat recycle technology and reduce running cost; 

Product Superiority

  Features of new single-pass biomass dryer:
1.     Adopt hot air furnace designed with sedimentation temperature regulation chamber as heat source in order to effectively avoid drum fire phenomenon; whole running process is safer.
2.     Low investment, quick drying effect, total investment cost is only one sixth of foreign imported products.
3.     Matched with new type energy-saving hot air furnace, it is characterized by high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy thermal control, and simple operation. Coal consumption is reduced about 60%. With high insulation efficiency, low energy consumption and long service life.
4.     Dryer is equipped with rotary wing dispersing shaft internally, which can improve heat exchanging efficiency and effectively disperse raw materials.
5.     Single pass dryer adopts new transmission device, which can stability and adjustability. Meanwhile, working condition safety of driving motor can be protected.
6.     Discharging system of drum adopt thorough seal design, which can effectively avoid air leak and fly dust.
7.     Matched with advanced purification technology and efficient dust collector, whole system consumes less electricity.
8.     Adopt frequency conversion to control raw material flow. Final moisture can be flexibly controlled. 


Working Principle

single-pass biomass dryerSingle-pass biomass dryer working principle 

      Through raw material system, wet materials are added into drying machine. Hot air after temperature regulation will enter dryer after sedimentation. Under the function of dispersing blades of feeding end, materials will be distributed in whole drying chamber in diffusion state. Moisture in raw materials will be brought out through heat exchange between hot air and raw materials. Meanwhile, large lump raw materials will be scattered under the function of rotary wing shaft and move forward under the function of drum rotation. After fast drying and dewatering process in first stage, raw materials will enter constant dehydration stage where there is central combined lifting device designed. Hot air will repeatedly exchange heat and absorb moisture with raw materials from different angles in maze-like structure. In this way, whole system can not only reach to uniform drying effect, but also avoid influence to drying quality caused by high temperature rise. Finally, dried products will be discharged out from discharging end and sent to finished products silo after cooling process. Tail gas after heat emission and moisture absorption will reach purification standard through primary and secondary dust removal device.   Then, purified tail gas will enter exhaust heat recycle system or will be discharged to atmosphere. 



Technical Parameter

Model Diameter
Output capacity
Initial moisture Final moisture
TDOSB-S 800 10000 0.7 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 1000 10000 1.1 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 1200 12000 1.5 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 1500 12000 2 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 1800 15000 3 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 2000 18000 4 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 2200 18000 5 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 2600 20000 7 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 3000 20000 9 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 3200 22000 11 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 3500 22000 13.5 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 3500 24000 15.8 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 4000 24000 19 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 4000 26000 22.5 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 4500 24000 25.8 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 4500 26000 28.125 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 5000 26000 34 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 5000 30000 39 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 5600 28000 45 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 5600 30000 50.6 40-65% 8-15%
TDOSB-S 6000 30000 56 40-65% 8-15%


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