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Indonesia Municipal Sludge Drying System

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24h
  • Initial Moisture:77-80%
  • Final Moisture:25%
  • Input Quantity:400t/d
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At present, the usage period of refuse landfill is 10 years. With establishment of more and more sewage disposal plants, large amount of sludge will be produced and percolate caused in the process brings much and severe pollution to environment. Zhengzhou Taida, as a professional sludge dryer manufacturer in china, puts forward a series of hazard-free, reduction and reutilization solutions. In order to let us know Taida rotary sludge dryer sufficiently, Taida professional sale managers sent us many running videos of corresponding sludge dryers, which makes us hold strong belief in Taida high-efficiency and good drying effect. 

Case Introduction

As second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is a good place with convenient traffic and complete infrastructure. It has become a most industrialized city in Indonesia. With the development of urbanization, a series social problems are brought about. Sewage sludge problem is one of them, urgent to be solved. In order to face with sewage problem, Surabaya city built many municipal sludge treatment plants. Local government is looking for proper sludge dryer manufacturer for disposal suggestions in order to return a good living environment to residents. 

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