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Municipal Sludge Drying

Zhengzhou Taida municipal sludge treatment system is applied to dry municipal sludge. It can achieve deodorization and sterilization. It can reduce the moisture of sludge to 20%. Municipal sludge contains a great amount of organic pollutants, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metal and chemical matters. 

Application range】:

             it can be applied to municipal sludge, electroplate industry, thermal power plant, steel making plant, chemical pharmaceutical factory, dyeing factory and textile factory. 

Applicable materials】:

               used to dry sludge and other hazardous sludge from electroplate plant, paper making plant, steel plant, oil refinery plant and chemical industry.


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Product Introduction

  Zhengzhou Taida new type air-swept rotary wing dryer makes up the technical gap at home. It can be used to dry materials with 95% moisture. It can also be applied to deal with materials with less moisture content, no need for extra other feeding condition. The air velocity and retention time of materials in air swept dryer can be adjusted. Therefore, materials which can be dried by air swept dryer are not limited. With wide application range, air swept dryer can not only be applied to dry granular materials, but also powder materials. According to different discharge temperature and size of raw materials, the final residual moisture of materials is not the same, from 1% to 10%. 

Product Superiority

1. Air swept dryer adopts the most advanced drying technology;
2. It can be applied to deal with almost any kinds of materials from low-solid content to low-moisture power materials.
3. Materials routine in drying machine can be controlled. The final products can be dry powder or granular materials.
4. Air swept dryer can adopt many kinds of fuel as heat source, such as electricity, coal, oil and natural gas. Drying hot air can be classified into primary or secondary indirect hot air.
5. The output capacity of air swept dryer is in a wide range, from 100kg per hour to tons per hour. 


Technical Process

  Air swept dryer adopts the most advanced drying technology. It can be used to deal with almost any kinds of materials from low-solid content to low-moisture power materials. Material routine in drying machine can be controlled. There are three zones set in the drying machine. Central retention zone will decide the size and residual moisture of final products. Although this machine adopts high temperature difference, same with majority of instant drying machine, product temperature of this dryer is lower than temperature of wet balls. The heat source of this drying machine is oil hot fan or gas hot fan which are generally integrated with drying cylinder. Products can be collected through end of drying zone, separator and filter. This series of drying machine consists of 9 sizes. The evaporation speed can reach to 8 tons per hour. 



Item TDOSC310 TDOSC510 TDOSC1010 TDOSC2010 TDOSC3010 TDOSC4010 TDOSC5010
Heat input(10000kCal/h) 10 15 30 65 130 180 250
Hot air volume(m3/h) 2500 3720 7500 16000 32000 45000 70000
Maximum evaporation volume(kg/h H2O) 360 550 1100 2200 4500 5500 7800
Motor power(kW) 7.5 11 30 55 75 110 160
L(mm) 3800 4080 5200 5500 6500 10500 12000
W(mm) 1200 1500 2200 2900 3200 3800 4580
H(mm) 835 1000 1390 1800 2200 2680 3320


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