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Bahrain Textile Sludge Drying System

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24h
  • Initial Moisture:85%
  • Final Moisture:10%
  • Input Quantity:1.5t/h
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Customer Feedback

  We are a large and professional home textile fabric company, called WESTPOINT. Having specilized in manufacturing various beddings for may years, our products have been widely sold to all over the world. But, satistifed with high profits, we are also bothered by sludge produced during dyeing and fabricating. Although Bahrain is not a large country, our government banned strict regulations on envionvmental protection. Therefore, aiming at sludge disposal system, we held a tendering project in order to find reliable sludge drying machine supplier from all over the world. Finally, Taida's profession and advanced technology attracted our attention. We decided to give the purchase order to Zhengzhou Taida for its new TDOSC air swept sludge dryer

Case Introduction

  What makes Taida well-know for so long time? What attracts Bahrain's customer? It is Taida-china famous sludge dryer manufacturers advanced technology, high efficiency and considerate service which wins Baharain attention and purhcase order.Once got to know that Bahrain customer will hold a tendering for their textile sludge disposal system, we immediately presents our preferential quotation while guaranteeing good quality. After times' communication over emmail and phone, we got to know that besides comparing price, they also attach much importance to stable performance of sludge drying machine. With strong confidence in our new developed TDOSC air-swept sludge dryer, we successfully gained acceptance and praise of Bahrain customer.  

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