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Bahrain Air-swept Sludge Drying Case

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24h
  • Initial Moisture:85%
  • Final Moisture:15%
  • Input Quantity:1.25t/h
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Customer Feedback

After about half year’s hard work and frequent communication, Taida Company manufactured us a set of unique air-swept sludge dryer. It not only occupies less area, but also with good drying effect. This set of sludge drying system helps us solve urgent sludge pollution problem. Although there exists language barriers and debugging problem, Taida engineer’s patience and good attitude crosses the border and offer us best solution.

 textile sludge drying system

Case Introduction

This customer comes from a Bahrain Company, mainly involving with fabrics curtains and other cloths. I believe that friends who always pay attention to our website will know that cooperation between Taida and Bahrain started from the end of 2017. The whole project costs about 7 months before finalizing. Once upon equipment arrival at customer site, Taida dispatched a team of professional engineer there for installation guidance and debugging issue. Taida engineer stays about one month in Bahrain. Even there is language barrier, customer side positively coordinate with our engineer and spare no efforts to debug. Finally, whole sludge drying machine run normally before engineer’s leaving. 

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