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Bio-sludge Alkaline Stabilization

There are many ways to deal with sludge, such as heat drying, compost and incineration. But these methods will cost large investment and running cost. Meanwhile, there will be a large amount of by-products produced like dioxin. Through adding alkaline, the aim for sludge drying, solidification and sterilization will be achieved. Investment for late stage will be less. 

Inlet size】: 0.2-5

Output capacity】: 1-7.5t/h

Applicable materials】:this system can be applied to large and medium sized sewage treatment plants whose final aims are landfill and building material utilization. This system is mainly aimed at toxic and hazardous sludge from sewage treatment stations from industrial park. 

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Product Introduction

  With the increase of sewage treatment plants and development of sewage disposal technology, there is more and more sludge produced during sewage treatment process. At present, many sewage plants prefer to transport sludge outward, landfill or pile up causally. Always, these organic matters are with high organic matters and high moisture content. Therefore, these materials easily go bad, which will cause serious damage to environment. Although common disposal methods such as thermal drying, compost and incineration need simple treatment process, the primary investment and running cost are high. Meanwhile, there will be amount of by-products like dioxin which will cause serious environmental pollution. Drying, solidification and sterilization for sludge will be realized by adding alkaline. Comparatively, this system holds many advantages such as less investment cost, obvious drying effect and stable performance. It is more suitable for dealing sludge from poor area or large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants in undeveloped regions. 

Product Superiority

  This system is widely applied to small and medium sized sludge dehydration and drying process. This solution is most suitable for sludge produced from the mixing between daily sewage and industrial sewage. It is characterized by high sterilization and deodorization. With fully closed environment, it causes almost no pollution to environment. With good operation environment, it is more suitable for sewage treatment plants whose surroundings is very sensitive. In addition, this system occupies less area. With flexible layout, this system is suitable for customers who has limited space. Customers don’t need to stop present dehydration system. With reliable system, simple management and less maintenance, it can be used to achieve integrated management, which will add burden to operator. This system holds short construction period, which can quickly solve harmlessness and stabilization requirement. This system is suitable for customers with limited investment fund and urgent task. With low running cost, this set of sewage and sludge drying solution is suitable for upgrading, harmlessness and stabilization process requirement. Meanwhile, this system can work as a temporary replacement for sludge incineration. It is suitable for disposal of sludge after anaerobic digestion. 


Technical Process

  Sludge stable alkaline disposal by adding calcium takes advantage of high temperature and high alkali environment produced from the reaction between quick lime and moisture in sludge. This system can kill harmful pathogenic microorganism and passivate partial heavy metal. It can also eliminate. In conclusion, this system can be used to realize harmlessness, stabilization and drying aim and eliminate environmental pollution and social problems brought about by sludge. It can guarantee normal running of sewage treatment plants. 



Model GZS800 GZS1000 GZS1200 GZS1500 GZS1800 GZS2200
Conveying capcity of feed screw ≥800kg/h ≥1200kg/h ≥1500kg/h ≥1800kg/h ≥2200kg/h ≥3000kg/h
Maximum vaporation volume 0.1-0.3T/h 0.3-1.5T/h 0.5-1T/h 1.5-2.5T/h 2.5-4T/h 5-8T/h
Rotary speed and power 3-4rmp,4kw 3-4rmp,5.5kw 3-4rmp,7.5kw 3-4rmp,11kw 3-4rmp,15kw 3-4rmp,18.5kw
Coal consumption (standard coal) ≤30-40kg/h ≤60-80kg/h ≤80-120kg/h ≤120-180kg/h ≤180-250kg/h ≤250-300kg/h
Electricity consumption  ≤8kw/h ≤10kw/h ≤12kw/h ≤16kw/h ≤20kw/h ≤28度/小时
Floor area  ≥60m2 ≥80m2 ≥100m2 ≥120m2 ≥150m2 ≥180m2
Workshop height  ≥3.8m ≥4.2m ≥4.5m 5.5m 5.5m ≥5.5m


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