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Malaysia Brewer Grain Drying Case

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24H
  • Initial Moisture:85%
  • Final Moisture:12%
  • Input Quantity:2t/h
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Customer Feedback

Seeing is believing. Although we are deeply attracted by Zhengzhou Taida European-style dryer, we still have concerns over new technology. People who try new technology and equipment always have to take great risk. After previous knowing and understand, we really want to witness amazing drying effect of Zhengzhou Taida new type hot air rotary wing dryer. Having understood our concern, Zhengzhou Taida group patiently introduced their previous similar customer to us. After times’ communication, we got the honor to witness real working process of Taida coal sludge customer. I dare say that the new drying technology of Taida European style dryer V- model surpasses majority of western dryer. We are willing to cooperate with Taida Group, such a professional, patient and responsible enterprise. 

Case Introduction

Malaysia customer has been involved in feedstuff production for years. The raw materials to be dried are brewer grain and palm pomace with moisture of 85%. Customer wants to reduce the moisture to 12%. Also, we must guarantee 2t/h output capacity. In order to save work space for customer, we customized a set of layout drawing for their real situation. We specially designed European style dryer for Malaysia customer. We can provide customer with efficient drying machine with half investment cost. 

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