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 In china, food industries, such as alcohol, starch sugar, gourmet powder industry and citric acid industry always apply grain as raw materials. But, the utilization efficiency of raw materials is low. 30% to 40% raw materials will become waste water and waste residues at least. There is great amount of alcohol residues wasted every year. The waste liquid from alcohol production will produce much pollution to environment. 

Application range】:

suitable to apply in various winery, brewery house and feedstuff industries to deal with viscous and high moisture content materials. 

Applicable materials】:

can be applied to various vinasse, brew grain, distiller grain and fermented vinasse. It has been widely applied to brewery, wine and feed factories. 

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Product Introduction

With the fiercer and fiercer competition in brewer grain market, the production cost of beer is very important and obvious. For different markets, price becomes the main element which limits the development of brewer market. Therefore, many factories have did adjustment on production process in order to reduce production cost. For example, some breweries prefer to adjust the proportion of barley malt and rice. Some prefer to replace barley malt with wheat malt. Even, some prefer to replace starch, syrup or other products with barley malt. Some breweries adjust previous filtering process in order to increase wort production and investment cost. Raw materials and production process is adjusted in order to reduce production cost. The change of raw materials and production process are along with the update of process equipment for brewer grain. Traditional equipment like boiling fluid bed drying equipment cannot meet new production demand. Under this condition, selection of proper brewer grain dryer becomes a problem which weighs on many customers’ mind. Zhengzhou Taida newly developed European style brewer grain dryer holds many advantages such as low energy consumption, high output capacity and low running cost. 

Product Superiority

Stable performance: Primary requirement for European style dryer is reliable quality and stable performance in order to achieve continuous production demand of customers. Therefore, Taida European style brewer grain  dryer is equipped with special dispersing device, feeding screw device, pulse tube disposal device, collecting device, fan and other major equipment. With strict design and control, European style dryer can run in a very stable and reliable environment.
Strong heating capacity: European style brewer grain dryer adopts direct heating method. Meanwhile, this system can be matched with various fuels, such as coal, electricity, natural gas diesel and etc.
Low running cost: compared with running cost of rotary dryer, European style brewer grain dryer holds less running cost. It can save about 50% to 80% energy consumption.
Environmental friendly: during the running process, there is no waste water, waste gas and water residue produced. This system causes no pollution to environment. European style dryer solves pollution caused by common rotary dryer. Accordingly, this new type dryer can reduce harmful gas emission caused by coal and oil boiler. Atmosphere quality gets improved. This system can fully make use of renewable resources and save conventional energy source, which is beneficial for sustainable development. European style drying machine holds better economic profits and social benefits. Therefore, it holds bright market prospect.
Good quality of final products: European style dryer adopts a mild drying mode like natural drying. The evaporation speed of superficial moisture is close to migration speed of internal moisture. The final products hold better color and high level grade.

Item Name Model Output capacity Power Electricity Coal consumption Manpower Floor area
1 Common rotary dryer 1.2*12m 1t/h 19.4kw 14.5° 50-70kg 3 60㎡
2 Air swept dryer  QL1000 1t/h 22.4kw 16.8° 90-100kg 4 80㎡
3 European style dryer TDOS-2 1t/h 13.6kw 7.8° 30-40kg 2 100㎡


Technical Process

Brewer grains are sent to European style dryer through screw conveyor. Then, raw materials are driven forward to internal part of dryer. In the internal part of dryer, there are special lifting device, and cleaning device set in the dryer. Combined with the function of hot air, raw materials keeps suspension state. Meanwhile, heat exchange is carried on. With the rotation of cylinder, materials moisture will be reduced quickly. When the moisture of brewer grain reaches to a certain level, raw materials will enter pulse tube. Materials will keep suspension state. Because of parameter set before, raw materials will enter collecting device after moisture reaches to standard level. Raw materials whose moisture content haven’t reach standard level will keep staying in pulse tube for further drying process until moisture reaches to appointed level.
There is special configuration set in brewer grain dryer. There are multiple drying stages set in dryer. Raw materials will enter drying stage with low temperature in order to guarantee raw materials kept in a safe drying temperature range. Nutrition of brewer grain will not be damaged. 


        WET VINASSE                             DEHYDRATOR                                       SCREW CONVEYOR                                    HEAT SOURCE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


                          FINAL PRODUCTS                                  DISCHARGER                                         CYCLONE                             EUROPEAN STYLE VINASSE DRYER



What do we do? 
Established in 1958, Taida group is formerly called Henan state-owned drying equipment factory. This company holds three subsidiary branches, Zhengzhou Taida Drying Equipment Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Taida mining and metallurgy equipment co., ltd and Henan Zhonglian Taida Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. At present, Taida Group holds a R&D center and a drying material pilot test base. Taida can carry out test for various before drying or after drying. Multiple test production lines in Taida pilot test base can meet commissioning requirements for various materials. Taida Group has developed a zhonglian machinery manufacture base, Zhengzhou Longding Industrial Park which can provide customers with complete sets of auxiliary equipment. We are very professional in manufacturing drying equipment. According to your real situation, we can provide you perfect drying solutions.
Why choose us? 
We are the most professional one . it will be your successful beginning to choose us as your reliable supplier. 
Model Screw conveyor Body Mixing&Dispersing device  Collecting&Discharging device Fan Overal dimensions(W*L*H)
Model Power Power Size
TDOS- GX200×1.0m 1.1 KW 4-4.5 KW 1.0×3.8m 2.2 KW Valve 5.5 KW 1.5*5.5*2
TDOS- GX250×1.5m 1.1 KW 5.5 KW 1.2×4.5m 3.0 KW Valve 5.5 KW 1.8*5.5*2
TDOS- GX300×1.5m 1.5 KW 7.5 KW 1.5×4.5m 4.0 KW Valve 11 KW 2.5*9.5*2.2
TDOS- GX400×2.0m 1.5 KW 11 KW 1.8×4.5m 5.5 KW 1.5 KW 15 KW 2.8*9.5*2.5
TDOS- GX400×2.0m 1.5 KW 15 KW 2.0×5.0m 7.5 KW 1.5 KW 18.5 KW 3.0*10*2.8
TDOS- GX500×2.0m 2.2 KW 18.5 KW 2.2×5.5m 7.5 KW 1.5 KW 22 KW 3.0*11*3.0


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