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    Production Status

  • Daily Running:24h
  • Initial Moisture:80%
  • Final Moisture:≤12%
  • Input Quantity:300kg/h
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Customer Feedback

      At first place, we imported a set of common rotary drum dryer from China. After months’ running, drying effect is not as good as we want. Also, final particle size is not even and final moisture is still very high. Therefore, this kind of rotary dryer cannot meet our demands to reduce sludge moisture and sludge amount. We tried to further look for other type’s dewatered sludge drying equipment in China. Taida European style air swept sludge dryer attracted our attention by its small occupation area and special overall appearance. We decided to head to Taida for inspection and visiting in person. After the visiting and communication with Taida, we are really impressed by advantages of Taida European Air-swept drying machine. We finally decided to purchase a set of small capacity drying machine first.  
      As an experienced sludge drying machine manufacturer, Zhengzhou Taida did not make us disappointed. From installation and commissioning, drying result is good although whole process is not so smooth. Capacity of European style Air-swept Dryer has far surpassed our estimation. We are very pleased that sludge disposal cost is greatly reduced under Taida assistance. 

Case Introduction

      Only by insisting on continuous innovation, can drying technology be improved and equipment be upgraded. It is because Taida adheres to this principle, we can overcome various difficulties and become the leading sludge manufacturer in China. 
      Besides European Air-swept sludge dryer, we can also provide MED rotary sludge dryer which is developed based on traditional rotary drum dryer. It can also meet sludge drying aim of different customers. 


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