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Zhengzhou Taida new type desulfurized gypsum calcination drying equipment fills the technology gap at home. This kind of new type drying machine can not only dry materials with 95% moisture content, but also can calcine materials with less moisture content. 
Inlet size: 10-100mm
Output capacity: 0.5-200t/h
Applicable materials:
 can be applied to dry desulfurized gypsum, gypsum, phosphogypsum, sludge, brewer grain, bean dregs, bean pulp, peat, soy sauce residue, rare earth and other  high moisture materials. 
Material picture:

热风搅拌式烘干机 热风搅拌式烘干机 热风搅拌式烘干机 热风搅拌烘干机


Product Introduction

    Natural gypsum and industrial byproduct gypsum are always used as retarder in cement industry. Hemihydrate gypsum has similar gelatinization function with cement. The process which eliminates free water is called drying process. The process which eliminates crystal water is called calcination process. According to different calcination modes, β model and α model semi-hydrated gypsum can be got. Β model semi-hydrated gypsum is got in gas phase condition after heating and dehydration. It is also called building gypsum which is mainly applied to making gypsum plate, gypsum blocks or plastering gypsum after adding additive agent. A model semi-hydrated gypsum is got saturated vapor pressure condition after boiling and drying. It is also called high-strength gypsum which is mainly applied in making mold in ceramic and medicine industry. 

Product Superiority

Air-swept dryer can best adapt to the unstable moisture and heat source of desulfurized gypsum. With automatic inspection and control system, air-swept dryer can meet strict process of desulfurized gypsum. Double –frequency conversion technology of this drying system cannot only overcome the difficulties caused by unstable moisture and uncertain heat source, but also holds obvious energy-saving effects. Faced with large market and high added value, Taida air-swept dryer can make your energy-saving aim come true by unique design.
Because desulfurized gypsum is a kind of high value added product no matter before processing or after processing. The processing cost restricts the comprehensive development prospect of desulfurized gypsum. After long time patient research, Taida air-swept dryer can easily solve problems existing in present desulfurized gypsum production process. 


Working Principle

According to heating methods, building gypsum processing mode can be divided into two kinds, direct mode and indirect mode.
Direct airflow method
Direct airflow method is a kind of unique and efficient gypsum calcining drying process which is developed by our patent technology. Here are some special features of this system:
1. Can utilize various types of heat sources such as flue gas, coal gas, steal or other accessible hot air.
2. This system holds compact structure and low investment cost. All technical parameters are checked and aligned.
3. According to the temperature of gas source, this system can carry out 180-degree slow calcining process. It can also carry out 300-degree moderate speed calcination. It can also even, 580-degree fast speed calcination is feasible.
4. This system holds low energy consumption. The calcining thermal efficiency will not be over 350000 kcal/ t βgypsum.
5. This system can be used to produce both dehydrate gypsum and semi-hydrated gypsum. It only needs 120-degree temperature to produce dehydrate gypsum. Therefore, this system can utilize low-temperature flue gas from thermal power plants.
Indirect method
Indirect method is a set of drying and calcining integrated process which is developed by our unique patent technology according to real situation of thermal power plants. This equipment can deal with free water and crystal water at the same time. With reasonable structure and design, it is more convenient to adjust product structure and control product quality. This method can be used to produce dehydrated gypsum and superior β gypsum.
Here are some special features of this drying system.
1. It holds larger heat transfer area in unit volume. It holds compact structure and less floor area.
2. It holds higher thermal efficiency. The steam consumption for one ton β gypsum powder will be not over one ton.
3. There are various types of fuels which can meet the requirement of gypsum calcination.
4. With exhaust heat recycle device, it can reduce energy consumption.
5. Zhengzhou Taida unique gypsum discharger and efficient air-swept gypsum dryer fills the technology gap at home. Compared with similar products, it holds higher working efficiency and stable performance.
6. There is no secondary dust pollution. Exhaust emission can meet national standard. 


Technical Parameter

Item TDOSC310 TDOSC510 TDOSC1010 TDOSC2010 TDOSC3010 TDOSC4010 TDOSC5010
Heat input(10000kCal/h) 10 15 30 65 130 180 250
Hot air volume(m3/h) 2500 3720 7500 16000 32000 45000 70000
Maximum evaporation volume(kg/h H2O) 360 550 1100 2200 4500 5500 7800
Motor(kW) 7.5 11 30 55 75 110 160
L(mm) 3800 4080 5200 5500 6500 10500 12000
W(mm) 1200 1500 2200 2900 3200 3800 4580
H(mm) 835 1000 1390 1800 2200 2680 3320



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