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Coconut Bran/Coco Peat Application Range after Drying

Guide:Taeda E-style biomass dryer is very suitable for drying coconut peat bran materials which can be widely applie for producing fermented feedstuff and cat litter.

  Coconut bran/coco peat is coconut shell fiber powder, which is a by-product or waste of processed coconut. It is a kind of pure natural organic medium that falls off from the processing of coconut shell fiber. Coconut bran/coco peat after processing is very suitable for plant cultivation, and it is currently a popular horticultural medium. Coconut bran/coconut peat is produced in many tropical and subtropical countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and the Philippines. A small amount of coconut bran/coco peat is also produced in Hainan and Zhejiang provinces of China.

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  Everyone who works on coconut products knows that coconut bran/coco peat is a by-product or waste of processed coconut. It is a kind of pure natural organic medium that falls off from the processing of coconut shell fiber. Long high-quality coconut shreds are mainly used in the production of mattresses, sofas, brushes, brooms, coconut nets, coconut ropes, coconut blankets, coconut frames, coconut pillows and other household items, and the short crumb is coconut bran/coco peat. The countries with the most abundant coconut bran/coco peat resources are the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka.
  Several better comprehensive utilization schemes of coconut bran/coco peat are: 1. Production of coconut bran/coco peat brick, which is a high-quality cultivation medium. The main production process is coconut bran dryer-brick press-vacuum packaging machine. Our E-style biomass dryer is a kind of efficient drying system for coconut bran/coco peat and other similar light biomass materials. 2. Carbonization, although the quality of coconut briquette charcoal is not as good as coconut shell charcoal, it can also be sold by carbonization using a carbonization furnace and briquetting. 3. For the production of cat litter, the more common cat litter products today are bean dregs cat litter and coconut litter cat litter. In China, bean dregs litter is the best quality. In other countries, coconut litter is another good choice. 4. Press pellets to produce biomass pellet fuel. For countries with abundant coconut resources, this comprehensive utilization method is the last choice, because coconut shells or palm shells are already very rich and cheap, and the market for the production of biomass pellets with coconut bran/coco peat and profits are not too high.
  We can provide all waste recycling methods mentioned above. If you have better solution, please kindly share with us. We can work together to make world better.

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